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  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Websites
  • Signs + Posters + Flyers
  • T-Shirts + Wearables
  • Packaging
  • Presentation Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Event Branding
  • Promotional Materials
  • Print Ads
  • Mobile App Design
  • Anything PRINT + WEB
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Logo Development

As the foundation of your companies brand, a logo sets the tone for your overall identity. Over time, the logo will become familiar to people and be instantly associated with your business. It's of the upmost importance that you are in love with this image. In a way, your logo is a little piece of you, living and growing every step of your company's journey. Having branded over 200 companies, we have fine-tuned the process of creating a logo that is perfect for your company.

Website Development

A strong online presence is crucial for any company. Even the simplest of websites can be impactful when generating business for your company. The internet is constantly evolving and there's a lot to keep up with – but don't worry, you can leave the hard part to us. We develop both Wordpress and Squarespace websites depending on your budget and we walk you through how to update and customize it yourself. We also make sure every website we build is responsive, making it easily viewable on all devices. As of April 2015, Google changed an algorithm in their search results that improves rankings for websites that are mobile-friendly. Is your current site mobile-friendly? Have it tested here.
Squarespace Designer Austin


There's several directions you can go when it comes to setting up an online store. From a simple site selling a couple products, up to thousands of products, we can recommend a number of options for you and direct the process every step of the way. Half the battle after getting your store up is marketing and getting the word out about your brand – that's where we shine.

Packaging Design

All products come in packages, and those packages need to catch the eye of your consumers. We can help with that. Over the years we've designed several types of packaging, and can give guidance on what will and won't work for your product. We see it through from concept to completion, making sure all the correct content is in place and the colors are printing accurately.

Marketing Collateral

Informational handouts are essential to giving your customers easy to read information about your company. Too much content can be overwhelming, too little can come across as vague – we'll help you find the perfect balance between design and content to make it easy for people to want to read your handout. Besides layout and design we can assist in sizes, styles, printing techniques and more.

Direct Mail

Snail mail is not dead! Over the years LHD has designed over 500 direct mail pieces that have been sent out to over 5 million people, and that number is rapidly growing. As mail is one of our oldest forms of advertising, it continues to advance in how stats are tracked on the backend. We can put together a successful mail campaign for you with several options to choose from. Other than design we can assist with size, paper, postage, packaging, folds, tabs, and more. We can also help you out with some of the more specialized mailings such as variable data and stat tracking.

Print Ads

Whether you're looking for a one-off ad in a newspaper or an entire campaign we can help you get your message across in all shapes and sizes of ads.

Social Media Branding

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram... what's next? Most companies utilize at least one if not all of these. To keep branding consistent, it's good to have harmony in how these social media sites stand beside your company website and overall identity. Mainly adding banners and backgrounds, we can help you establish your complete online presence.

Signs, Posters, & Flyers

Need help designing a roadside or storefront sign? Need a poster advertising your new album? Or flyers spreading the word regarding a new housing development? We can help. We'll work with you on design, content, and execution every step of the way. Having worked close to a decade with many printers and sign-makers in Austin we can design something that will make you stand out. Guaranteed.

Digital Presentation Design

Digital presentations are nice for presenting to large groups of people. We can put together a PDF slideshow with interactive elements, sound, and video to make your next presentation look polished. If Powerpoint is more your speed we can set you up with a cover page design, and a couple inner pages with placeholder content to act as a template so you can easily add the information yourself.

Event Branding

The number of events in Austin each year is absolutely massive. Choosing a theme, colors, signage, invitations, giveaways, and setups can be complex. We've done quite a bit of this, and we can help get you what you need in time for your big event. Besides design we can assist in printing, ordering, layout, and organization to make your next event less stressful.

Mobile App Design

Everyone has at least one app idea they've thought about one time or another. People can generate a LOT of money should an app idea go viral, and we can help give your app the polish it needs to flourish in any app store. From idea, to wireframe and design, to completion and launch we can make your next vision for an app come to life. As a living, breathing thing on it's own, we can also continue to work with you on updates.

Tradeshow Displays

Tradeshows are set up for you to showcase your product or company. Some are done for under $1,000, others are over a million. While we specialize in the smaller tradeshows we can assist you with anything you need such as easel boards, digital slideshows, large format wall graphics, banner stands, and anything else you're envisioning. We work with a couple local companies who provide us with some of the best work and service you'll find in Austin.

T-Shirts & Wearables

Over the years we've done more and more apparel design. We can provide samples of t-shirts, styles of printing, and design for your next idea. We work with a couple local trusted businesses that work hard and do excellent work.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to get your word out to a large number of people with a couple clicks. We can assist setting you up on a third party campaign site that's right for your needs and design your email the way you want it.

Promotional Materials

Promo items are great for creating brand awareness. Hats, pins, koozies, shirts, keychains, temporary tattoo's, cups, and sunglasses are just a few things we've done over the years. We can assist in preparing options, ordering, and prepping artwork to take the stress off of you.

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