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29 west realty group logo design in austin texas by beau morrow for left hand design

29 West Realty Group

29 West Realty Group came to us in need of a complete branding package for their new real estate company. They specialize in high-end real estate and wanted a brand that would separate them from their competition, both in look and business style. From gripping listing signs that would pop out of yards to collateral handed to clients as they closed on a new home, the design and branding needed to shine. The list of services we provided includes logo design, listing signs, stationary, pocket folders, stickers, key cut-outs for new homeowners, and outdoor signage.

moxie & co fly fishing redfish patch design in austin texas by beau morrow for left hand design

Moxie & Co.

Moxie & Co. is an outdoor clothing line based out of Florida that targets hunters and fisherman. They hired us to create t-shirt and patch designs to roll out into the spring and fall lines for the past couple years. Some of the patch designs were liked so much they also made them into t-shirts, and vice versa.

mythical method vitamin supplements icon design in austin texas by beau morrow for left hand design

Mythical Method

Mythical Method Supplements is breaking into the vitamin and sports nutrition game with a line of pre-workout products for people hitting the gym, only nobody else in the market has a product like theirs. They approached us with a vision of creating a double-M mark that would represent their brand among an extremely competitive market. We took it a step further.

Digging into the true essence behind the name and targeting the right consumer base, mostly men, we created a mark that was both different from everything else you see on the shelf at GNC and hit on the uniqueness behind their “mythical” product. The double-M dragon was the result. Like every logo we design it included a primary logo, secondary logo and icons for social media. We also created a 3D dimensional logo at the request of the client for marketing purposes and possible packaging art.

When MMS goes to market, we’ll update with packaging and more details behind the brand. For now, stay tuned.

beautymark agency salon logo design in austin texas by beau morrow for left hand design

Beautymark Agency

Beautymark Agency is a full-service on-site beauty concierge in Austin, Texas. They came to us in need of a new logo design to begin rolling out all the new branding for their small company. The request was to create a monogram design of sorts that could act as a design element throughout their expansion. We delivered, and gave them something to grow with.

We also built a website on Squarespace for them, providing them a footprint on the web with information and online booking capabilities.

shah ip patent attorney law firm logo design in austin texas by beau morrow for left hand design

Shah IP

This law firm specializing in patents came to us in need of a logo that broke themselves away from your typical law firm branding, something unique. Shah IP wanted a light bulb inside a seal of some kind – that was their direction, and we took off with it.

The light bulb inside the shield portrays the idea of protecting an idea – which is what a patent does. The use of TRD MRK is used in lots of logos nowadays, somewhat of a trend, but I can honestly say the use of it inside this mark was nothing short of perfect.

A complete branding package was made for all applications, including icons for social media.

texas premier baseball logo design by left hand design in austin texas

Texas Premier Baseball

Texas Premier Baseball is an organization that puts focus on competition and player advancement at all levels of baseball in the state of Texas. From youth and high school organizations to college and pro, these guys work with the best of the best that come out of our great state. Did you know Texas is 2nd in the United States for producing the most Major League Baseball players?

The logo will be displayed on the web, jerseys, flags, hats, you name it. It was important for us to create a simplified version of the main logo to be used in smaller applications. The red, white, and blue is true to Texas. We designed a brand for TPB to build on for years to come.

3c drywall construction logo design by left hand design in austin texas

3C Drywall

3C Drywall is an Austin-based drywall company servicing both residential and commercial builds. They came to LHD in need of an identity that would set them apart from the rest when it came to all things construction. We set them up with primary and secondary logos with an icon that gave them versatility in any application. Business cards, vehicle wraps, and a website we designed and developed in WordPress from the ground up came shortly after the brand was built.

bed & brunch pr new york logo design by left hand design

Bed & Brunch PR

Bed & Brunch PR is a boutique public relations company out of New York that specializes in creating strategic campaigns for bed and breakfasts, ranches, wineries, boutique hotels, and more. They came to Left Hand Design in need of a logo to help them rebrand. They wanted something vintage that gave new and existing clients a sense of familiarity when they saw it. Using the old Brooklyn Dodgers as our inspiration, we created a timeless mark for their growing brand, complete with a primary logo and an icon for social media purposes.

fine pint beer logo design by left hand design in austin texas

Fine Pint

Beer! We love it. We’re known to do some home-brewing of our own at LHD, so we jumped at the opportunity to rebrand this local beer blogger, Fine Pint. Trey at Fine Pint isn’t your average craft beer lover. No, this man takes it to the next level. He’s very active in the Austin beer scene, organizing bi-weekly hangouts at different local breweries just to sit around and talk about…you guessed it, beer. We worked up a primary and secondary logo for Trey and a social media icon that looked good online and gave him more options when it came to printing stickers and t-shirts. We customized a classic blackletter font for him to give Fine Pint a unique look and feel with a little German twist. Check him out online Fine Pint.

diverse roofing commercial logo design by left hand design in austin texas

Diverse Roofing

Diverse Roofing approached LHD in need of a rebrand. They wanted to stray from residential roofing, something they had done in previous years, and focus solely on becoming a commercial roofing company. They needed a logo design that separated them from their competitors, something with a little edge. We designed a logo and various icons for them to use on business cards, marketing materials, work apparel, vehicles, and more. To give them more flexibility, we also created a secondary color palette as part of their branding, which they could incorporate into their materials and online presence.

ecofriendly goods organic logo design by left hand design in austin texas

EcoFriendly Goods

Compost bags made of corn. Let me repeat… compost bags… made of corn. It doesn’t get more eco-friendly than that, y’all. EcoFriendly Goods needed to do some branding in order to market themselves online and some help on their product packaging. At first glance, the logo needed to scream “organic”, so green was the obvious color choice. As a compliment, we created a secondary palette of “earthy” tones that held true to the brand without everything being completely green. We also designed a secondary logo and social media icon to give them greater flexibility. We’re excited to see the different types of green products these guys roll out in the future in their effort to help save our planet.

mandoo entertainment logo design by left hand design in austin texas

Mandoo Entertainment

Mandoo Entertainment is a full-service entertainment company that caters to Korean artists, filmmakers, and fans. Since 2010 they have brought Korean entertainment to Austin, Texas, through the likes of SXSW, various tours and showcases, film screenings, and much more. When they came to us, Mandoo needed a rebrand. They wanted something they were proud to display on show banners and posters at live music events, but that appealed to everybody, not just those of Korean descent. They didn’t want the mark to be overly reminiscent of Asian culture, but a subtle influence was encouraged. This was a challenge (though most logos are)! We researched Korean culture and ended up back at one of the first ideas discussed for designing their logo – the Korean flag. The sets of three black bars in each corner are called trigrams, which have meaning depending on their orientation and design. We designed the Mandoo logo with three bars on two sides in different orientations creating the letters ‘M’ and ‘E’ to capture both the flag inspiration and represent the company name. Subtle? Yes, but they got it right away. The logo is topped with a box containing a star, which represents the entertainment services they offer and the idea of bringing everyone together. We dug REALLY deep for this one, putting our own twist on the old adage with a logo that speaks a thousand words.

Villa Antonia

Villa Antonia is a beautiful venue located outside of Austin that hosts weddings and social events. They came to us in need of a complete rebrand and website, in addition to marketing materials, letterhead, and signage. No small task! In the end they were given a new look that appeals to not only people hosting weddings, but others interested in renting the venue for social and corporate events as well – a market they wanted to penetrate for central Texas. The logo design and accompanying marks allow flexibility in print and online applications, large or small in scale.

Ted Cruz Posters

Left Hand Design was hired to create a variety of Ted Cruz posters and graphics as Cruz travelled the US for the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The inspiration for these posters came from vintage old presidential ticket banners, invoking that “old America” feel that people could relate to. Along the way, we also created Glenn Beck posters as he officially endorsed Cruz in his campaign, further expanding the network of people backing Cruz. These graphics made their way onto THOUSANDS of websites and social media posts, hand-signed posters and handouts, TV news feeds and commercials, and other public platforms throughout Ted Cruz’s journey. We also designed the entire stage set-up for a televised event held at a motor speedway in South Carolina and attended by more than 20,000 people.

Bonfire Cannabis Co.

There was just something cool about branding a Colorado marijuana dispensary out of Austin, Texas, where even Willie can’t toke up and be legal! We hooked up Bonfire Cannabis Company with some solid marks to build their brand on. This was not your typical pot-leaf logo with smoke pouring out of hand-rolled joints. BCC aims for a higher quality product with a focus on life and nature, something we wanted to keep central to their branding. We developed a wide variety of logo, color, and icon options for them to carry forward in a number of different outlets. We also tackled their packaging, which was no easy feat due to all the rules and regulations involved with marijuana products. These tiny packages must contain a ridiculous amount of content, so making them look good was a serious challenge. Next time you’re in Boulder, Colorado, and you want to see some Double Rainbows – check these guys out.

JW Materials Management

Sometimes our clients will sketch something up or put something together in Microsoft Word or Paint in order to get their logo idea across. At LHD we’re not haters, so bring ’em on! They don’t always work out… but sometimes they evolve into something really solid. This was the case for JW Materials Management. The simple, yet classic look of their mark is brand new to the world now, but it is something that will be long-lasting and serve the company well for years to come. If you’d like to view the original concept from the client, click here.

TXCO Construction

TXCO Construction is a small construction company based in both Texas AND Colorado. This came as a bit of a challenge in creating a mark that catered to both markets. Incorporating the iconic shape of Texas into the mountains Colorado is so well-known for seemed like a natural fit. Also, with every mark that LHD creates, we design an icon or secondary logo to be incorporated into all social media outlets. For a well-rounded online presence in this day and age, logos must be versatile and cater to several applications. Often, an icon with a square or circle ratio works best within most application guidelines.

Armor Men’s Health

Armor Men’s Health is a new chain of men’s health clinics in Austin, Texas. They came to LHD seeking a masculine mark followed by several pieces of collateral about their practice. The services they offer are unique in today’s world, addressing the common issues men begin to experience with age, which is not always easy to face. The Spartan-esque mark symbolizes power and determination, because it doesn’t take a historian to know (simply having watched the movie 300 should do) that Spartans are about as manly as it gets.

Austinite Clothing Co.

Left Hand Design’s newest project is Austinite Clothing Company. Austinite is an online apparel company that pays homage to the great city of Austin, Texas. With funky Austin t-shirts, baby onesies, art prints, and more, Austinite keeps locals and fans of Austin alike outfitted to represent the city proudly. We designed and created both this company and its brand, and we continue to launch new products and designs regularly.

Community Leaders of America

CLA came to Left Hand Design with a unique challenge. They essentially wanted two websites combined into one and something that was easily navigable for the user and updatable by them. We answered their challenge by creating color coded buttons and sections throughout the site in order to differentiate between the two sections. The website is built entirely with vector shapes and graphics, giving it a beautiful appearance on any retina mobile phone or computer. The built in slideshows, events page, secure forms, and integrated Twitter feeds are just a few of the many features we worked in to this responsive website. We succeeded in making their content-heavy website easy for customers to read and navigate.

Austin Angels

Austin Angels is a non-profit that helps foster children, military families, and homeless people throughout the Austin area. They wanted a logo that would encompass their mission and still be a little edgy, something both men and women volunteers could wear proudly both on duty and off. We created a fitting logo and then took it a step further by designing a few extra shirts as well. For more information on Austin Angels, visit their website here.

Foxhole Culinary Tavern

Foxhole Culinary Tavern is a farm-to-table restaurant and bar in Austin, Texas, and they hired us to build their brand from the ground up. We sat in meetings during the earliest stages of planning to discuss the overall look and vibe of the restaurant far before the first construction manager or interior designer ever set foot inside. They wanted the restaurant to feel comfortable and inviting and be both classy and modern.

The website was built on WordPress for easy updates by the client. The slideshow on the homepage displays upcoming events and specials. We featured a virtual tour integrated into Google Maps you can check out here and embedded that into the site as well. This day in age it’s vital to have your website built responsive so we incorporated mobile-friendly functionality as well.

Whale Shark Media

Whale Shark Media (now RetailMeNot) ) is the world’s leading marketplace for online coupons and deals. They hired us to create an identity for the company that played off of the whale shark, the largest fish in the world. The logo we came up with is what got them started on the road to success in a highly competitive market, eventually leading them to be the biggest fish in the pond.

Picture it Sold!

A small real estate photography company in Waco reached out to us in need of a mark that perfectly illustrated the services they offer. We think it turned out picture perfect!

Niel Nasset

Niel Nasset is a crazy-talented singer songwriter from Austin, Texas. He came to LHD in need of a brand that matched his talent and we dove right in, doing logo development, merchandise design, posters, and album packaging. Niel even painted the cover of his “Go Thin Man” album. Here is a little story behind his t-shirts: Niel and LHD screen printed a couple hundred of those shirts with a gold metallic ink that was mixed with a couple shots of whiskey, as an ode to his song “Whiskey and Water”. LHD even had the honor of making an appearance on his 2012 album “Go Thin Man”. There is a little back-story behind the mysterious gem that is track 9, “Mullin”. During a long day of printing t-shirts with that whiskey embedded ink, we took several “drink” breaks which included battling it out on a vintage 1993 NBA Jam Arcade machine at the LHD office. Several hours and drinks later, Niel left us a voicemail as he hit a roadblock on his way to becoming the NBA Jam Champion and track 9 was born. Give it a listen. We know how to work hard and play hard.


Drummond Group

Drummond Group is a global leader in software testing and certification. Their original logo was designed in the 90s and was in dire need of a refresh, so we developed something a little more modern. Once the brand was renovated, we used the new image to create updated marketing materials and tradeshow displays to match.


Hyperwear offers high quality fitness equipment targeting a wide range of people, from those just starting a new workout routine to professional athletes performing high intensity workouts. The company reached out to LHD to design packaging for its products, catalogs, banners for tradeshows, labels for equipment, and more. Hyperwear sets itself apart by taking pride in the educational aspect of their products. We designed an educational catalog consisting of more than 300 pages that targeted an audience of elementary school teachers and students. The catalog was packed with illustrations, step-by-step photos of exercise routines, teacher and student worksheets, award certificates, and more. Catalogs this size can be intimidating, but with several under our belt, we hardly break a sweat.

Swift Fit

Swift Fit is a personal training company in Austin geared towards providing people with healthier lifestyles, both mentally and physically. They wanted a mark that would stand out on t-shirts and have the edge people want to see when they’re hiring someone to push their limits.

Political Work

Over the years we’ve done a TON of political work. We’ve branded everyone from city councilmen, to judges and district attorneys, to state representatives, senators, and congressman, and even the current Governor of Texas Greg Abbott. Here’s a collection of past logos we’ve created.

Hometown Hangover

Hometown Hangover is an annual SXSW event hosted by Austin Ventures and held at Rattle Inn on West 6th Street. LHD is responsible for the event branding including email invites, signage, banners, promo items, and t-shirt designs.

Austin Ventures

As an annual sponsor of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Austin Ventures hosts a stage to tens of thousands each year to celebrate all things music. They hire us to create fresh branding and marketing materials year after year that include signs, flags, t-shirts, giveaways, and more. It is important to them to have fun with their branding while maintaining the integrity of their brand, making our work with them unique and exciting.

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