Ghost Light Lounge

Ghost Light Lounge is the coffee shop / bar attached to The Stage at Waterstreet in downtown Austin, set to open in 2019. For those who don’t know, a “ghost light” is the light on a stand (usually in a cage) on a theatre stage when the stage is not being used. See examples here. The logo design needed to have some continuity between it and The Stage logo, as they’re owned by the same company. We kept the same seal shape with the outer line to bring the two together visually, the type at the bottom of the seal was also the same font in both logos.

The light bulb icon is the hero here, as it’ll be used as a design element throughout the space. The dark blue and yellow colors contrast well with the navy and light blue of The Stage seal. Ghost Light Lounge will also remain open during the day when The Stage is not open, so it also needed to work as a standalone brand so as not to assume it’s only open when The Stage has a performance running.

Stay posted here as this project develops and construction breaks ground, we’ll looking forward to seeing this one come to life.

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