Mandoo Entertainment

Mandoo Entertainment is a full-service entertainment company that caters to Korean artists, filmmakers, and fans. Since 2010 they have brought Korean entertainment to Austin, Texas, through the likes of SXSW, various tours and showcases, film screenings, and much more. When they came to us, Mandoo needed a rebrand. They wanted something they were proud to display on show banners and posters at live music events, but that appealed to everybody, not just those of Korean descent. They didn’t want the mark to be overly reminiscent of Asian culture, but a subtle influence was encouraged. This was a challenge (though most logos are)! We researched Korean culture and ended up back at one of the first ideas discussed for designing their logo – the Korean flag. The sets of three black bars in each corner are called trigrams, which have meaning depending on their orientation and design. We designed the Mandoo logo with three bars on two sides in different orientations creating the letters ‘M’ and ‘E’ to capture both the flag inspiration and represent the company name. Subtle? Yes, but they got it right away. The logo is topped with a box containing a star, which represents the entertainment services they offer and the idea of bringing everyone together. We dug REALLY deep for this one, putting our own twist on the old adage with a logo that speaks a thousand words.

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