Mythical Method

Mythical Method Supplements is breaking into the vitamin and sports nutrition game with a line of pre-workout products for people hitting the gym, only nobody else in the market has a product like theirs. They approached us with a vision of creating a double-M mark that would represent their brand among an extremely competitive market. We took it a step further.

Digging into the true essence behind the name and targeting the right consumer base, mostly men, we created a mark that was both different from everything else you see on the shelf at GNC and hit on the uniqueness behind their “mythical” product. The double-M dragon was the result. Like every logo we design it included a primary logo, secondary logo and icons for social media. We also created a 3D dimensional logo at the request of the client for marketing purposes and possible packaging art.

When MMS goes to market, we’ll update with packaging and more details behind the brand. For now, stay tuned.

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